Shipping & Returns


In many cases, we offer information regarding shipping times directly on the item's product page. Please make sure to check the product page for such information, and feel free to contact us via the contact form if your question still is not answered.

We do generally try to ship items within 24-48 hours upon receipt of your order.


At the moment, we currently do not offer any expedited shipping options via our site. We will certainly make this option available in the coming months (from 11/2019).


We are located in the United States, based out of the state of Tennessee. Our warehouse partners from which orders are shipped to customers are all located in the US. As of right now, we only offer shipping within the US. However, if you are located in another country and are interested in placing an order with us, please use the contact form to inquire about special shipping options for you.


Please check the product page for the item you ordered if you would like more information on the return policy regarding that item. In the event that there is little to no information available on that item's product page regarding returns, please use the contact form to learn more about returning your order.


We do offer refunds in most cases for returns and damaged items. Refunds will not include any shipping costs, unless there was a mistake on our end or on the end of one of our suppliers and shipping partners. Please use the contact form to inquire about refunds.