Electric Heated Blanket with 5 Temperature Modes - 8H Timer

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This electric heated blanket has five mode temperature control.


This electric heated blanket comes with different temperature range could suit for your different heat requirement which is very flexible and convenient to use. It has mode timing function that you could set this blanket in one mode and time it into 1-8 hours. Low-voltage safe heat and detachable connector provides you secure and convenient usage. Manufacturing process would give you satisfying and cost-effective product.


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  • 5 mode temperature control for your different heat requirement 1-8 hours timer for flexible and convenient usage
  • Made of soft and comfortable polyester fibre
  • Has good heat and crease resistance
  • Designs with low-voltage heat function
  • Temperature of the blanket takes 1 hour to reach 40℃ in mode five
  • It will automatically jump to 1st setting if it is placed in 5th setting one hour later
  • Offers overheat safeguard system
  • Detachable connector for safe and easy cleaning
Key Features
  • Easily Folded And Space Saving: It can be folded in one panel size which greatly help you save storage space. Fully assembled on delivery, easy to move, folds flat for storage.
  • Durable And Solid Construction: Made of durable and thick wood frame, folding metal hinge and non-woven fabric, this product is durable and sturdy.
  • Functional Usage: Not only does the room divider play its functional role but also work as an elegant ornament. This 4-panel room divider is suitable for being placed at dorm, apartment or living room.
  • Five Mode Temperature Control: This Electric Heated Blanket has five mode temperature control. Different temperature range could suit for your different heat requirement.
  • Mode Timing Function: This blanket has mode timing function, you could set this blanket in one mode and time it into 1-8 hours. You could time 5 hours into mode two, or time 6 hours into mode one, whatever time or mode you want. It is very flexible and convenient to use.
  • Soft And Comfortable Material: The material of this heating blanket is soft polyester fibre. It has good heat and crease resistance. The elasticity of this material is close to wool and its insulation makes this blanket would not wet easily and provide you safe use.
  • Low-voltage Safe Heat: This electric heated blanket designs with low-voltage heat function. Even in the mode five, the temperature of the blanket takes 1 hour to reach 40°C. And it would switch the mode into one automatically, it could prevent the blanket from high temperature and scald which makes this item much safer and thoughtful.
  • Detachable Connector: The connector of this blanket is detachable and it has 1.5 m power line and 0.5 m connect line. Even the scald is not close to the blanket, the line is also long enough to connect. And the detachable connector make sure the blanket could be clean safety and convenient.
    • Material: Polyester fibre
    • Product size: 76" x 54"
    • Switch type: Thermal control type
    • Product power: 65w
    • Product voltage: 110 V ~ 60 Hz
    • Length of power line: 5 ft
    • Length of connect line: 20''
    • Five mode temperature:
    • Mode one:  - 25℃
    • Mode two:  -30℃
    • Mode three:  -35℃
    • Mode four and five:  -40℃
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Electric heated blanket


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review